Customers who wish to make a complaint must do so in writing. This is to ensure we know exactly what the nature of the complaint is, and this reduces the possibility of ambiguity or of the customer’s complaint not being correctly recorded over the telephone. The complaint will then be registered onto our system and a unique reference code generated.

Once the complaint has been received, we will acknowledge the complaint within 14 days and provide a unique reference code. The acknowledgement will be sent to the name and addressee, or email provided. In the absence of valid contact details, it may not be possible to process a complaint or process it within the published timeframes.


We will respond to complaints within 28 days of receipt. In some cases, however, the allotted timeframe could be extended due to the nature of the complaint and the complexities surrounding any investigation. If we are unable to reply to the complaint within 28 days, the customer will be written to, to advise of any progress.

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