Residential Parking Management

Residential car parks can encounter many different facets that can become problematic to the residents, management companies and landowners. One of these is unauthorised parking, which is easily solved by permits issued to each resident to show that they have the right to park there and to deter motorists who don’t. The permit is unique for that site and allows residents and visitors to park there.

Parking in demised areas is also problematic such as parking on yellow lines or cross hatchings or in areas for emergency vehicle access.  We can offer warden patrol services or a call out from residents.  We would erect warning signs which would set out quite clearly that parking in those area would run the risk of a parking ticket.

Parking bay abuse is another area of contention for residents and this can again be solved by issuing unique parking permits with the bay number on for that vehicle.  This would allow our enforcement officers to see that the vehicle is in the right bay.

Commercial Car Park Management

We would erect, clear concise parking signage to ensure that motorists are aware of the restrictions in the car park.  This would enable tenants, delivery drivers and contractors free access to the car park.

Leisure and Retail Car Park Management

We can offer Warden patrols and ANPR number plate recognition cameras.  Businesses depend on their customers and customers want to park near to the business that they are visiting.  The warden and ANPR can eradicate the problem of motorists using a car park of a business that they are not visiting and can help prevent overstaying motorists abusing the businesses. 

Our sister company Center Parks UK Limited can offer Pay and Display facilities to car park owners.

We can also remove abandoned vehicles from any car park that requires this service.


Our highly trained locksmiths can offer a 24/7 service for lock outs, fresh-fit or replacement locks.  We can also fit safes and keypads for security.

Line Marking

Are your parking bays/Double yellow line in poor condition?  We can offer a professional line marking service, matched to meet your requirements.   Bay numbering/lettering can also be applied with any disabled bay marking.

Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Abandoned vehicles are a security risk to a site and a health and safety hazard,  We offer an abandoned vehicle removal service and request keeper details from the DVLA.

Self Ticketing

We offer the client the ability to issue PCN’s themselves on their own car parks if required. We will train the client so that they adhere to the British Parking Association’s code of conduct. This allows clients to manage their own car parks with a full back up service from ourselves.

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